Buy Third Party Only Motor Insurance Online

Enjoy a seamless and convenient experience in securing your vehicle with third-party only motor insurance in Kenya. Easily buy a full year coverage for your private and commercial vehicles or a one-month coverage for your private vehicle only. The certificate is shared to your email/WhatsApp immediately it is ready.

    We'll send the certificate to your email/WhatsApp. Print and cut out the certificate. Mon-Fri: 8am to 5pm and Saturday: 8am to 12 noon

    Required Information

    Premium Payment:

    1. M-Pesa PayBill: 513200 (Kenya Orient)

    2. One Month Premium: KES 1,547

    3. Full Year Premium: KES 7,574 (or pay KES 4,000 now and KES 3,574 after 1 month)

    4. Account Number: Car Registration No.

    Need assistance?
    Call/WhatsApp: 0723 493 660